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How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

it's a combichrist song.
of COURSE that makes it interesting and meaningful!

something something about seeing them live a few years ago, opening with that song, getting shivers, feeling like i can't outgrow that stuff, ever.

How could the way we eat improve in the future?
We need to eat real food. Food that existed before WWII, before 1900, before industry. We need to eat slowly and while sitting, and reserve eating for times when we are hungry. Eating should not happen anywhere at any time. We should eat with loved ones, or at least be very conscious of our food and how it is nourishing our bodies and lives as we eat -- not how sinfully delicious it tastes.

i wish i had the balls to let myself balloon up to several hundred pounds and never give it a second thought.

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I write about some issues I have with body image, self image, and trying to dig myself out of those ruts.

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